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The following study documents were written by the ministry of the Fairborn Community Tabernacle. They are placed on the web site to assist in the study of different topics. The documents can be printed but in no wise cover a complete discussion on any subject. The items are to be used to assist in areas where questions exist on doctrine that we teach here at Fairborn Community Tabernacle.


Eating Meat Sacrificed to Idols

The Teaching of the One Coming of the Spirit


Foolish Virgins Part 1


The Token Part 1


Foolish Virgins Part 2


The Token Part 2
Foolish Virgins Part 3

Theophany Part 1


Physical Events


Theophany Part 2


Q & A on Marriage and Divorce Part 1


Theophany Part 3

The Great Change Part 1

Two Resurrections
The Great Change Part 2

What The Thunders Revealed

The Little Old Shed and the New Birth

Who Is The First Fruit Of The 1963 Harvest Time


The Millennium




The New Birth Part 1




The New Birth Part 2