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Elder Earl Childers

Bro. Childers’ background started in the early 1960’s as a minister with the Apostolic Denominational Church. He ministered there until he heard of the message of William Branham in 1966. He had received a book from a friend who had suggested that he read the message and was told that this man was a prophet of God who had doctrines that would turn the hearts of the children to the fathers as according to Malachi 4.


Bro. Childers read the book and then looking on the back of the book saw that there were other books available. He was so enthused with the message that he read and how that Bro. Branham explained the scriptures so different than his Apostolic Denomination that he told his wife to write and get all of the books that were available. From that time in 1966, Bro. Childers continued to read the messages and then recognized that his denomination was like all the others, and Bro. Branham’s message was calling us to leave every denomination and return back to the word of God.


Bro. Childers opened a non-denominational church in this message in 1966. The Tabernacle of the Lord Jesus Christ was opened and the people started coming to hear this message that Bro. Childers brought by way of the End Time Message.


Since Bro. Branham had passed away in 1965, access to him personally was not available. Bro. Childers did all that he could to gather information to preach to his congregation. He brought into his church men who walked with Bro. Branham and traveled around the country trying to get a better picture of what it meant to be in the End Time Message.


With all of his connections and trips, he still felt that there was something missing. He would read a book where Bro. Branham would say one thing, then in another book it would be said totally different.

When Bro. Childers asked the ministers about these things, they would not help but to say that the prophet can not be wrong. Bro. Childers was troubled and wanted to sit down and let someone else who could explain this message better come and take his congregation, but God would not let him sit down.


One Friday night in 1973, Bro. Childers laid down to sleep and was troubled about where he and all of the others were in the understanding of this message. As he laid in his bed, the Holy Spirit came to him and took his mind and started answering all of the questions that Bro. Childers had about this message, the followers in the message, Bro. Branham’s contradictory statements and many other things that bothered his mind. Bro. Childers said that “it was like a tape recorder turned on in his mind for 6 hours taking all the messages and begin to tie all the loose ends and answer all of his questions”.


The following Sunday when Bro. Childers began to minister, it was with a clear understanding of this message. He preached and when he finished his message, stated that “all that get this message will have to come this way”.

It was by revelation that Bro. Childers really started ministering this message, and many things were revealed to him that many to this day are still coming to the knowledge such as:

· The 8th Day

· One coming of the spirit

· The change in Bro. Branham’s ministry in 1963

· The prophet taught things that he had to change after 1963

· The 7 thunders

· The mighty Angel of Revelation 10

· Many other things that tied together

Since that Friday night in 1973, Bro. Childers has continued to minister many of the doctrines which Bro. Branham brought with a balanced understanding of the message.

In 1978, Bro. Childers went to a ministers meeting at Bro. Perry Greene’s church in Tucson Arizona where there was 400 ministers in attendance discussing many doctrines of the Message of the Hour. Someone put Bro. Childers name in the hat to minister and he was asked to come and speak on his beliefs. The rule was that once you ministered, you would have to come back the next service and answer questions if there were any on the topic that you discussed.


Many of the ministers were asked to speak because of the strange doctrines that they held and when the question time came, they were on the hot seat to try to defend their view. When Bro. Childers ministered, he covered many of the things that God had shown to him that Friday night in his room and he brought quotes of what Bro. Branham said on different topics. The service stunned the 400 ministers who had not heard, nor considered many of the doctrines which were discussed. Many of the Brothers approached Bro. Childers from around the world to find out where he had received such a solid and perfect revelation. Many wanted him to come and minister to their congregations.


At the next service, Bro. Perry was quoted to have said, “I am not sure what to do with the service, I feel like turning it into a prayer service”. There were no questions asked to Bro. Childers and he did not have to return to answer any of the doctrine points that he had made. From that day forward, many of the ministers returned home to their studies and their books, to further find what was ministered. It changed the focus of the message around the world.


In 1996, after many years of ministering, Bro. Childers decided to turn the church over to one of his ministers, who had been with him since 1980. Bro. Nate Moore stepped in as Pastor of Fairborn Community Tabernacle and Bro. Childers has remained there in the assembly as an elder where he continues to bless the bride around the world.