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Bro. Carl D. Baker

Brother Carl D. Baker was a precious brother who believed the truth preached in Fairborn, Ohio. Brother Baker was born in 1919. His parents were sincere Christians and he spoke on so many occasions of the impact his God fearing, steadfast mother and minister father had on him. They were faithful in all light they knew and reverenced God, His word, and His people. His father had a heart for the lost and those in need. It was in the depression years and he would give the shoes off his own feet and food from his table to have the opportunity to tell about the Lord. I believe that these selfless acts witnessed, and faith so determinate and strong, molded Brother Baker into the great “faith and prayer warrior” that so many of us know him today for. It was true that if you wanted to have someone care so much for your struggle and need, Brother Baker would care and he knew how to touch God on your behalf. Faith moves God and without it… it is impossible to please Him! Brother Baker was the epitome of walking in the light. His revelation as it grew walked him into the depths of this message and such a force he became as the Bride of Jesus Christ! He as an earthly man had been a fighter during his youth. He loved boxing. He always said he just changed who he fought for. He was a fighter in the spiritual and Satan could not stand as a match for his revelation.


Brother Baker was serving as an ordained minister to the Nazarene Church. He built several churches for the Nazarene organization. One day while he stopped in at home a little sister he knew had a tape player and asked him to just listen for a moment. The voice of William Marian Branham was blasting creeds. He said “turn that thing off… Where does this man get this authority from?” The little sister said, “God… I knew Brother Carl would ask me a hard question like this and He told me to tell you from the same place that the Apostle Paul got his.” …then Brother Baker said, “turn it back on.” That seed of God quickened him… The eagle message had found him and he became a follower of this end time message! He enjoyed getting to go to the services of Brother Branham and witnessed the miracles, the authority, and the truth. He was a believer of the word for his day. Brother Baker started a work in the early 60’s in the South Bend Indiana area and moved to Frankfort Indiana in 1968 where he introduced this great message, and was pastor there until 1990.


His walk in the light led him to meet another great man of God in the late 70’s after the prophet left the scene. He was at a meeting in Arizona and met Brother Earl Childers. That same authority in the word of God caught Brother Baker’s attention. He proclaimed that the word says “My sheep shall hear my voice and a stranger they’ll not follow.” He once again heard that same voice thundering out. Brother Childers had the hidden truths…the revelation of the “in between the lines” of the message. He introduced the truth of the Word made flesh in our day…Revelation 10…the bride’s revival, and Brother Baker rejoiced! He said on many occasions that Brother Childers was the most revelated man of God he had ever met since the prophet. Brother Baker joined in a true bond of friendship and fellowship with the Fairborn assembly. He stood for the truths and became a witness for the ministry here. He preached these truths in his assembly in Frankfort Indiana and was the pastor there until his retirement and move to Fairborn Ohio in January 1990.


You could not speak of Brother Baker without his faithful wife, Sister Ruth Baker. She loved him and together they were an inspiration to so many. She served with him and loved the people of God. Their home was always open and you felt like you were a welcome guest. He married “Ruthie” in 1951 and they then began their ministry together. Her beautiful heart and dedication to God’s word is remembered by all. She was a lively asset too with plenty of charm and wit to give you a good laugh. Together they raised four daughters that are believers in the truths that they were taught. “The girls” love their parents so much. Brother Baker was their hero and Sister Baker their beautiful friend and support. One daughter preceded them in death. They met them in the bodies that Apostle Paul said aren’t made with hands…eternal! They enjoyed forty-nine years of marriage before their deaths in March 1999 and February 2000.


All who knew the Bakers would know that Brother Baker’s statement… “here, there, or in the air!” is one we all hold to. Brother Baker believed in the literal coming of Jesus Christ. He believed in the 2nd coming in 1963 (Revelations 10) that if you did not partake of God in flesh…the word for your day, that you could not be partakers of the literal coming of when we meet him in the air. He was a believer in I Thessalonians 4:13-18… “then we which are alive and remain…” We hold to this truth as well and long for the consummation of the will of God in our lives. We look forward to that meeting in the air. I can see Brother Baker dancing from one foot to another boxing in the air and Sister Ruthie spinning with her hands raised high to that Song, “Meeting in the Air” They believed that God kept His word and we would all be together in the home not prepared by earthly hands. A new body…a literal rapture…a literal supper…a literal eternal home… “amen!” It’s the Brides’ anthem…the soul’s song to say amen to the word!

The Bakers believed that it was God’s amazing Grace. Not of anything we could do in ourselves lest we boast. That Christ came as the propitiation for all of sin…that when he died on Calvary, He paid it all. That when He hung there and said “It is finished!” that it was a declared statement! He believed that there was only one worthy to pay that price and that when he did He redeemed his Bride back to himself so that we might become one with Him. That we have our “past, present and future” taken care of and we can’t live good enough or bad enough to put us in or out, but that it is by Grace are we saved! “Hallelujah!”


What a testimony the Baker’s have left. What an example they were. What Faith they stood upon. They were steadfast and unmovable. What a way they loved and laid their life and thinking down for this truth and the people of God. True believer’s and what a day it will be when we get to rejoice with them once again! It is with a reverence and earnest belief that we say in honor of them… “here, there or in the air!”